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Why is it Worth Taking
a Cash Advance From us?

6 reasons to choose Uptown Fund over any other lender

We do Not
Require Extra Documents

3 months of business bank statements, voided check and a driver's license is all it takes to get funds today.

We Wire
& ACH Transfer

Wiring will hit your account the same day.
ACH transfer will be deposited the following day.

We Provide Clarity on Payment Schedules

ACH Debits will be on business days only, which means no holidays or weekends. We provide weekly debits as well.

We Reduce the Rate for
Regular Customers

Closing fees and underwriting fees are lowered on renewals and add ons. We are about relationships with our merchants.

We Send Weekly Updates on the Status of Our Deal

Once funded we will send out weekly updates on your balance performance and renewal schedule.

Auto Renewal Once Paid in 50-60%.

We will send you an auto-renewal deal once the deal is 50-60 percent paid in.*
*subject to change with payment performance

Easy and Quick
to Get an Advance in 10 Minutes

*Applying won’t impact your credit score

Fill Out
an Application

Our easy application takes roughly 2 minutes to fill out.

Choose Amount
and Term

We will provide you with approvals based on your application.

Sign Contracts

Contracts with the terms and conditions of the advance will be sent to you for your signature.

Receive Funds

Once signed the funds will be wired to your accountafter speaking with the direct lender.

Apply Directly thru us and Get
a 2% Discount on Your First Advance

Every dollar counts, why not save yourself some.

We Care About Your Safety

100% compliant GDPR funding application.

We use secure bank verification tools to minimize fraud

In an industry filled with fraud we try to minimize as much as possible by using secure bank login and verification tools.

We use ACH payment processing to increase the security of collecting your debits.

ACH’s security is a result of the strict security rules, processes, procedures and controls that ACH Network participants are required to adhere to.

Your applications and statements are held on our secure servers to ensure the integrity of each file

AI auditing software sits on all our users devices to ensure each file is tracked and accounted for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Taking A Cash Advance Worth It?

Contrary to popular belief, Cash Advances are very useful when applied to a business correctly. Whether its to float or bridge you until your next deposit, or if you just need general working capital for payroll, inventory or maybe to just cover some bills.

Advance Repayment Terms?

The minimum advance term is 2 months. The maximum term is 4 months on original deals, and can extend to 8 months with refinancing.

¿Vale la pena tomar un adelanto en efectivo?

Contrariamente a la creencia popular, los Adelantos en Efectivo son muy útiles cuando se aplican correctamente a un negocio. Ya sea para flotar o conectarlo hasta su próximo depósito, o si solo necesita capital de trabajo general para la nómina, el inventario o tal vez solo para cubrir algunas facturas.

Pre-Payment Penalties?

Just the opposite we provide Pre-Payment discounts. Since this is a short term money solution we can provide such possibilities.

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Uptown Fund is a merchant cash advance company that is committed to providing small businesses with the funding they need to grow and succeed. Our mission is to help businesses access the capital they need to invest in their operations and expand their reach. We strive to provide fast and flexible financing solutions that meet the unique needs of each of our clients. We believe that by empowering small businesses, we can help to drive economic growth and create opportunities for success in our community. At Uptown Fund, our ultimate goal is to help businesses achieve their goals and realize their full potential.

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