Can Merchant Cash Advances Boost Your Business in Tough Times?

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A merchant cash advance can help strengthen your business during difficult times. Even before the stress and trauma brought upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic, most small businesses in America experienced cash flow issues. In fact, a pre-pandemic JPMorgan Chase study revealed that the majority of small businesses only had enough cash to cover 27 days of average outflows, and the top 25% of businesses only had a cash buffer sufficient for 2 months. This means that cash reserves, which are crucial for everything from capitalizing on growth opportunities to surviving catastrophes, were in scant supply.

Flash forward a few years, and those cash reserves have taken on a whole new level of significance. With lockdowns, supply chain disruptions, and changing customer trends threatening to decrease your bottom line, there’s rarely been a time when cash was more important and simultaneously hard to come by.

The Era of Scant Cash Reserves

This certainly isn’t to say that small business owners are being irresponsible with their money: the issue of limited cash flow is merely the result of tight profit margins. When you’re strapped for cash and pouring your heart into your business, there often isn’t a lot of extra to go around.

Perhaps you’re a studious planner and don’t think you’ll ever be caught in a situation where you’re desperate for cash. That’s great if you’re committed to planning for your small business. It will undoubtedly save you from lots of headaches—and even heartaches—in the future.

But plans are contingent on factors you can’t always control (see Exhibit A, which is the recent pandemic). Your efforts will never be wasted, but they need to be met with a healthy dose of flexibility. As President Dwight Eisenhower once said, “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.”

When the unexpected makes cash essential, a popular solution is a merchant cash advance.

Merchant Cash Advances Are a Quick, Easy Solution

With a merchant cash advance, you can obtain loan amounts of up to $1,500,000 This type of financing is engineered for speed, so you can have your money in as little as 24 hours. And you can probably plan on the loan’s term only lasting a couple of years.

This is important because when you need fast cash, your options are limited. After all, traditional lenders aren’t usually known for their rapid payouts. And when waiting weeks or even months to hear back on your loan approval isn’t an option, a cash advance becomes much more enticing.

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